MAXIMIZING Leadership Potential
About Us

   Dr. Collings
was raised in the home of a minister and  
  moved  often as his father accepted various ministry  
  opportunities. From these experiences Pastor Dean
  learned the importance of being able to 
build new
   His life has been made up of a wide range 
  of career ventures  ranging from engineering, which
  taught him to
think analytically
, to assisting with overseas
  construction projects, which gave him insight to the

  needs of others
who are less fortunate, and  various
  positions with non-profit organizations, which has 
given him leadership experience ranging from
administration and organization to 

Since 1989 Dr. Collings has served as chaplain for various law enforcement agencies. Through these associations Dr. Collings has provided crisis counseling  to families of the community as well as the law enforcement family. He has also been invited to speak at several different conferences related to chaplaincy and crisis counseling.

Dr. Collings has also built sales teams in the financial services industry.  This provided opportunities for Dr. Collings to give seminars and exposed him to a full spectrum of leadership principles and methods.

Dr. Collings has also been a public speaker for over twenty-five years. His broad experience of speaking before audiences has provided him with vital training and honed his skills for presenting these leadership and success principles.     


Maximizing Potential  
Learning to Maximize our potential is a vital element of spiritual growth and being able to excel in all God calls us to do.

If you want to find the rewards of achieving your Maximum Potential then applying the spiritual principles taught by Dr. Collings will help you in your journey of spiritual development and becoming the successful person GOD has designed you to be. 

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