Solutiom: thinking outside the box


MAXIMIZING Leadership Potential
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Dean L. Collings, Sr.


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Power Keys: 5 Secrets to Unlocking God's Power

Key One
Establishing the Condition: Do we need Anointed Leadership?
     Analyzing the Mission: What is Anointed Leadership?

 Key Three
Understanding the Person: Who
is The Holy Spirit?

            The Promised One
     The Divine One: HE is God
     The Real One: HE is a Person
The Anointing One
The Filling One
The Facilitating One

Key Four
Activating Our Commission: How is One Anointed?

            The Fundamentals


Key Five
Capitalizing on the Production: What are the Benefits of
Anointed Leadership?

             Labors Burned

             Labors Blessed
      Knowing God’s Will
      Knowing Gods Direction
      Knowing God's Power

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